Use Your Husband as Your Sex Toy!

Written by  on February 28, 2014 


I’ve always enjoyed satisfying myself with a vibrator but my husband finds the toys intimidating. He argues that there is no way he can compete with a battery operated device that vibrates, spins and pulses in ways that no man can replicate. I understand his point of view but I’ve still tried to find ways of incorporating the toy into our love making. The perfect solution came to me while browsing on my favourite adult toy website: a vibrating cock ring! I ordered the toy then thought of how I would introduce it to my husband.

The night after our new cock ring arrived I led my husband to the bedroom and promised him that amazing sex awaited him if he could just keep an open mine. He hesitated when I first pulled out my vibrator but I explained to him that I was just going to use it for instruction. I showed him how I like to pleasure myself with the toy and he became more aroused than either of us expected. After I buzzed myself to a climax I put the vibrator away and pulled out the cock ring. As I slid it onto his donger I explained that the ring would turn him into my living sex toy. I flipped on the mini bullet that’s attached to the ring and instructed him to use his donger just as he’d seen me use the vibrator. After we came together he offered to be my vibrator whenever I like!

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