Toys For The Bath: The LELO Ina 2

Written by  on June 21, 2014 

ss-1000000286I was doing some research on a new erotic novel I am writing and came across a whole new wealth of information on sex toys – these guides on vibrators were very insightful – thanks Frisky!.

Two things have stood in the way of me taking a toy into the bath with me: the thought of one of the kids banging on the bathroom door with an enquiry as to why Mommy has taken the mix master into the bath; and I wasn’t sure if my old style vibrator was even waterproof- I didn’t want to be electrocuted.

Well there are times that every mother needs to treat herself, and this was definitely one of them. I needed a new vibrator, and it needed to be whisper quiet and definitely waterproof. After some careful research I found the line of LELO vibrators, and the perfect site to order them from.

I was immediately drawn to the Ina 2. It’s a dual stimulator, and after some additional research I found out what that meant…turns out it just means it’s a bunny style vibe that works at the clit and inside at the same time. Sounded great to me, plus it is made of silicone material that is easy to keep clean, and promised to feel nice and smooth. Best of all it boasted the two features I wanted most: it was waterproof, and promised to be so quiet I would barely hear it.

I was excited for the Ina 2 to arrive, and thankfully it did while the husband was at work and the kids at school. I ran a bath in the middle of the day to try it out and it was so good I was almost late picking the kids up from school. It was quiet too, and so I’m fairly sure that I’ll be able to play with this toy without anyone in the house having any idea.


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