Top 5 Things Stay-at-home Moms do to Ruin their Sex Lives?

Written by  on June 14, 2014 

Abs-WorkoutSo your sex life has been non-existent for some time now! Don’t worry it happens from time to time when you are a busy mum. I understand completely, after the end of the day when the kids are tucked into bed and all the chores are done – all you want to do is sit on the couch and put your feet up. Sex is certainly not on your mind.
Sex is the key to a good marriage – so I want to encourage you to spend more time on making it work. Here are some things that may be putting out the fire for you – read over this short list over your morning coffee and see if you can make any positive changes. You will have a happier marriage, I promise.

They are:
1. Being too critical about your body image: This can be a real mood killer, learn to see what is beautiful about your body and embrace it. Take the time to start taking care of your body and what you wear – you will instantly feel sexier.
2. Late nights: Make an effort to go to bed 30 minutes earlier, this way you won’t feel to tired for sex.
3. Considering sex to be unimportant: Woman across the globe are guilty of this. Woman tend to think of sex as not a priority – girl it should be on your top three. Sex is easily one of the most significant keys of a healthy married life.
4. Having sex only in the bedroom : Well, if you have small children, privacy can sometimes be a luxury. However after the kids have gone to bed why not try having a little sexy time on the couch. Last week my husband and I had sex in the walk-in pantry – even though I was hitting my head against the box of weetbix it was still an erotic experience – one that we giggled about for the rest of the night.
5. Not taking good care of your own well-being: If you can’t look after yourself then you will never feel good. Take the time to go for a walk, sit in meditation or treat yourself to a bath. That’ll make you feel better!

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