The Art of Tantric Sex

Written by  on January 23, 2014 



The ancient art of Tantra has been practiced in Indian and Buddhist cultures for thousands of years. These exotic practices are becoming widely popular in every modern culture. The most well known instructional manual for the erotic art is the Kama Sutra from Ann Summers .

I bit the bullet and decided to order a copy of the Kama Sutra. I’d heard a little bit about tantric sex, that it lasted for hours and ended in mind-blowing climaxes, and I was interested to give it a burl with my husband. Our sex life had gotten a little bit routine and I thought this would be the perfect way to bring some heat back into our bedroom. When the book arrived I flipped thought it alone before showing it to my husband. I was so happy that I looked through it first! The book had all kinds of instructions on how to prepare for a tantric experience.

The Kama Sutra explained that it was important to involve all of your senses in tantric sex. It suggested using essential oils, candles, soft fabric and soothing music to enhance your experience. I rushed off to a natural foods store to collect the items the book recommended. When I returned home I laid a soft blanket on our bed, filled my oil burner and arranged the candles. I also decided to dress in a silk gown to add another delicate texture to the occasion. I waited on the bed for my husband to come home from work and discover me.

He called out for me when he came into the house and I invited him to come into the bedroom. He began telling me about his day but when he opened the door and saw me on the bed he stopped talking midsentence. I stood up to greet him and guided him to the bed. I pulled him down to lay next to me and showed him our new book. We flipped through the pages together, examining all of the unique positions it illustrated. We chose some we thought would be fun and not too difficult to start with then turned to the front of the book where it described how to start our tantric experience.

First we stretched and then massaged each other with warming oil. After we felt limber my husband and I sat up and faced each other to practice the shared breathing exercise described in the book. He exhaled as I inhaled and we gazed into each other’s eyes. It was amazing how satisfying it was to concentrate so intensely on each other. The Kama Sutra had explained that tantric sex combined intercourse with meditation so as we began to make love we concentrated on staying in the moment. We moved slowly into one of the yoga like positions and remained mostly still, still maintaining eye contact. After awhile we moved into a new position, and continued like that for hours! And we each had orgasms stronger than anything we would have ever expected! Without a doubt the Kama Sutra is the best investment I’ve made in my marriage in a long time!

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