Sex Boosters To Spice Up Your Marriage

Written by  on March 19, 2014 

Abs-WorkoutIf you happen to be in a long term relationship you may notice that your partner and you occasionally fall into sex ruts. You still have sex, you still even enjoy it, but it’s boring. You both keep doing the same things, and it’s tough not to. Sex can take quite a bit of effort, and why fix something that’s not broke, right?

Well here are a few easy tips to try out if you want to break out of that rut, or even if you just want to randomly spice things up.

Have sex everywhere-except the bedroom. Make a pact with your partner that for the next five sex sessions you wont use the bed. You can do anything from vanilla sex on the bedroom floor to exhibitionism in the car. Just as long as it’s not on the bed.

Set a foreplay timer. Get your mobile phone out and set a 10 minute timer, and while it’s ticking down you and your partner can do anything to each other, except penetration. Ten minutes seems like a short amount of time until you try this one. You can fit a ton of quality foreplay in that amount of time.

Have a spontaneous, frantic quickie. Grab your partner in an unexpected area, house hallway, kitchen, public bathroom, and frantically try to get them off in 5 minutes or less. This can be extremely exhilarating and bonus points if it’s in an unusual location. Last week I waited for my hubby in the kitchen with a sexy new corset.

Use these tips this week for some fun changes to your sex life and let me know how it goes.


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