Recommit to Your Relationship

Written by  on April 17, 2014 

emmastone-lgHas your marriage lost its passion? Or are you in a long term relationship that’s beginning to feel routine instead of inspiring? You aren’t alone. Most couples experience a loss of excitement after they’ve been together for awhile.

Work and family responsibilities take up much of your time and you begin to take for granted that your relationship will survive a little neglect. The danger is that when you finally have time to focus on your partner, you may have forgotten how to spend time with them. Fortunately there are ways you can recommit to your relationship and let your partner know that she is your top priority.

One of the most effective ways to keep your relationship alive is with verbal affirmation and compliments. After awhile couples who’ve been together for a long time take for granted that their partner knows their feelings. You both have busy lives, but how long does it take to tell your partner you love her, or that you think she is beautiful? Taking a few seconds to verbally express yourself can do wonders for your bond.

It’s likely that you opened doors and pulled out chairs for her when you were dating. Does she deserve any less now that you’re committed? Chivalry shouldn’t die with commitment!

Give her thoughtful, inexpensive gifts to let you know you’ve been thinking about her. Bonus points if you give the gift without trying to initiate sex after! That will show her you appreciate more than her body!

Finally try something new in the bedroom, it can be light BDSM, a sex game, role play or just something simple like adding a small vibrating bullet. To give you a little inspiration to help heat up the bedroom.

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