Public Panty Vibrations

Written by  on February 7, 2014 


When my husband and I got married we made a promise to each other to never let our sex life become boring. Nine years later we’ve managed to keep that promise. We always look for new and exciting ways to spice up our sex life.

We have a large collection of toys, costumes for roll playing and even keep a journal of our most exciting ‘sexcapades’. Our favourite game involves my panty vibrator. The panties have a small pocket that holds a powerful little bullet securely against my clit. The bullet is controlled by a cordless, handheld remote control. Whenever my husband and I have boring social engagements we are obligated to attend I slip on my panty vibrator and give my husband the remote.

Sitting through a dull awards ceremony for my company suddenly becomes an erotic adventure! Just knowing that my husband can activate the bullet anytime he wants make quiver with excitement. Sometimes we sit through an entire event without him vibrating me once, and other times he turns it on to full speed and I have to concentrate very hard to stay silent through my climax!

Our public panty vibrator game not only gives us erotic satisfaction, it also deepens our emotional bond.  Everyone around us comments on how in tune we are with each other. They would all be shocked if they knew our naughty little secret! I’m confident that the next nine years of our marriage will be just as adventurous as the first!

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