Naughty Roleplay With My Husband

Written by  on May 7, 2014 

cv-1661230003My husband wanted to role-play in the bedroom and I wanted to try it but was a little unsure, thinking we would end up doing some cliché nurse and patient routine, which I wasn’t really in to. I should have known better, because my husband is not that kind of guy, so I also shouldn’t have been surprised when he suggested a vampire scenario.

I loved the idea, and got into looking for the perfect thing to wear right away. Most of what I found just wasn’t sexy enough, and it wasn’t until I found the Sex Toys 24/7 site that I really was able to look for something with enough of a kick for our playtime.

I immediately loved the Goth Vampire outfit; it was exactly what I had in mind. Dark and sexy, but also flattering, and above all, it was at a low price of around $50, so it wouldn’t break my budget.

I love how it fits with a princess style bodice and grommets all up and down the straps. The cotton halter dress is stretchy and a mesh underskirt that makes the skirt flounce around a little. There are all sorts of mesh detailing and even matching mesh sleeves to slip into. Best of all is the stand-up collar that comes with it, adding the perfect detail. All I had to do to make the outfit perfect was add some thigh high stockings and heels, and then of course, some vampire teeth.

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