My crochet floral lace 3/4 sleeve body stocking

Written by  on June 7, 2014 

cv-1829600006Sometimes I wonder if my husband has caught on yet; all those pieces of lingerie that I buy and say they are for him, they’re really for me. I love the way that sexy lingerie makes me feel, and I love the way he looks at me when I’m wearing it. It makes me feel incredible, and it really turns him on. Actually, I don’t even think it would matter to him why I buy so much, as long as I keep wearing it for him he’s happy.

So when I found something a little different that my usual attire, I debated for a while before ordering it. I usually stick to babydoll nighties and have a few corsets tucked away in my drawer, but I had never put on, much less even dreamed that something like the Crochet Floral Lace 3/4 Body Stocking even existed.

I was apprehensive at first, but I was able to get it on easily, and once it was on it was amazingly comfortable. And it had just the right amount of stretch, so that it fit without pulling and poking bits of skin through the holes, and at the same time it wasn’t too loose either.

My husband loved the look, especially when I whispered in his ear that they were crotchless. We had a lot of fun with this body stocking, and have plans for many more encounters with it, especially since it’s so easy to take care of and seems really durable.

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