Improve Your Relationships, Improve Your Health

Written by  on March 4, 2014 

Prelude-delight-suspender-beltMore and more studies are confirming that strong interpersonal relationships can contribute to overall health. Solid ties with friends and family can lead to positive feelings and a sense of well being.

Do you want to improve the quality of your relationships? Try these tips to improve on the quality of your interactions with those around you:

Listen: Really listening involves putting aside your ideas for a moment and being truly open to what the other person is saying. Taking other people’s views into consideration shows a real concern and interest in their ideas and opinions.

Practice compassion: By trying to understand and sharing in someone’s feelings, an opportunity arises to connect with them in a whole different way.

Improve your sex life: Sex can be exciting, fun, intimate, and connecting. It can also be stale, boring and distant. These feelings sometimes come up in a relationship, and that’s o.k. But if it’s become the norm for your sex life, talk to your partner about trying something new. Do they have an interest in trying some role-play? B.D.S.M? Maybe they’d love to bring a vibrator into your routine. Talking about it will break the ice and could open you up to a new level of connection. Visit your local adult shop for a great selection of high quality toys to spice up your marriage or relationship

Make new friends: It’s really important to value the people who have been in your life through thick and thin. It’s equally as important to recognize that our lives change, and sometimes new friends can give us that extra little push or motivation to move towards what is best for us now. They can provide a new perspective and bring new ideas.