How Women Can Build Bladder Control

Written by  on January 29, 2014 


Incontinence is a common condition experienced by many individuals in their lifetime and it often strikes women at the most inopportune and even embarrassing times.  There are several reasons it can occur, including the aging process, pregnancy, and weak vaginal muscles as well as certain medical conditions including uterine prolapsed and stress incontinence. 

Fortunately, there is something women of all ages can do to build bladder control and strengthen vaginal muscles.  Exercising the vaginal muscles will strengthen them and aid in the ability to control bladder flow and reduce or eliminate urinary incontinence.  This exercise is commonly referred to as “Kegels” and they can be done virtually anywhere at any time, as discreetly and as often as you wish.


There are numerous devices that can safely and effectively assist a woman with regularly performing them.  Many device options, such as kegel balls are available at my local adult shop with a variety of colours, styles, and sizes to choose from. 

There is no need to make a dash for the restroom when you can take steps to build bladder control.  Additionally, you and your partner will enjoy additional benefits from performing Kegel exercises regularly.  Strengthening the vaginal muscles can not only help prevent pelvic floor weakness but they also increase the ability for sexual pleasure and heightened arousals. 

Studies show that a more satisfying sex life can provide additional health benefits such as pain relief, increased blood flow, improved mood, increased natural hormone production, decreased blood pressure and increased stamina—all of which can lead to a higher quality of life.  

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