Big Butts Are Sexy

Written by  on May 21, 2014 

cv-1783770005Getting dressed the other day I noticed that my backside took longer to turn than the rest of me, and all of a sudden I had one of those girl moments where I was in tears. My husband tried to comfort me, telling me that he loved my big butt, definitely not the thing to say at that moment.

I did what any self respecting big bottomed girl would do and called up my BFF who has an equally, if not larger, derriere. I had expected a shoulder to cry on, some comforting words, and a promise of a diet and workout routine we both knew would never happen, but she surprised me with a dose of honesty instead. She told me yes, my butt was big, but it was beautiful and so was I, plus my man obviously loved it, so what was I complaining for? She told me that the problem wasn’t with the size of my behind, but the size of my confidence.

Thank goodness for good friends, especially ones with good solutions. She pointed me in the direction of her favourite place to buy some sexy lingerie. It was amazing to look at all of the selection, and it turns out she was right. I picked up a few things, but my favourite are definitely these Lacy Boy shorts in pink from Seven til Midnight.

I had forgotten that all I needed was some confidence to love the way my body looked, and there’s nothing like some sexy lingerie to help you do it. Plus the online store had all sorts of styles and sizes to fit me and my big butt.

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