4 Methods of Keeping the Spark Alive in a Marriage

Written by  on May 28, 2014 

futuresexIn this short article, I will share with you 4 easy methods of keeping the spark alive in your marriage. These methods are all the more relevant if you are a stay at home mom.

Appreciation – Find out new things you can appreciate in your husband. For instance, observe him for 48 hours at a stretch and then tell him that you love watching him doing “whatever you observed.” Indulging in this practice will enable you to see him in a new light and will also make him feel valued and loved.

Spontaneity – This is a huge challenge for most of the stay at home moms, including myself! I love to plan everything in advance and spontaneity is something that doesn’t come to me easily. Nevertheless, I recently experienced how great it can be when you do things on impulse. My husband arranged a double date within few hours and drove me away for a fun date night! You can do something similar for your husband.

Novelty – Doing things differently or perhaps in a new way can go a long way in reigniting that passion in your married life. For instance, rather than going out to dine at some regular place, try restaurant hopping. This means you have appetisers at one place, mains at another and desserts at a completely different restaurant.

Variety – My family simply loves roasted chicken, but if I start cooking it every day, they’ll soon be fed up of it. The same goes for our relationships, especially when it comes to bedroom matters. Learn new tricks of spicing things up under the sheets!

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