Easy Exercises to Improve Your Flexibility

Written by  on March 26, 2014

BoatMaintaining good flexibility of your joints is very important in recovery and strength building.

Sex Boosters To Spice Up Your Marriage

Written by  on March 19, 2014

Abs-WorkoutIf you happen to be in a long term relationship you may notice that your partner and you occasionally fall into sex ruts. You still have sex, you still even enjoy it, but it’s boring. …

Bring Shades Of Grey Into Your Bedroom

Written by  on March 12, 2014

Girl_and_Handcuffs_Stock_13_by_MagicDancer23If you’ve read the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy or even just one of the books you may realize there are sexual acts and deviances that may have never occurred to you. You may also (hopefully) realize that while the book is an incredibly stimulating erotica novel, it is woefully unrealistic. …

Improve Your Relationships, Improve Your Health

Written by  on March 4, 2014

Prelude-delight-suspender-beltMore and more studies are confirming that strong interpersonal relationships can contribute to overall health. Solid ties with friends and family can lead to positive feelings and a sense of well being.